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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Journal Entry 2012-11-29

Gardening in Middle Tennessee.
Thursday. Most of the trees have dropped their leaves. The nights are down in the low 30's & high 20's. The days are lovely, crisp, and while the mornings have been drizzly, the afternoons have been clear. Sounding like perfect weather for spinach under row covers. Missing my garden, but enjoying being a corporate girl. Still, this time of year begs me to buy seeds! What if I buy them and don't have a spring or summer garden, either? Lots of bunnies & skunks here. Pretty much have to cage in everything...Oddly, no snails. Probably due to the late afternoon robin invasion. "That's where I come from, I'm an old Tennessean..."

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Friday, November 23, 2012

Journal Entry 2012-11-23

Gardening in Middle Tennessee.
Weather was lovely for Thanksgiving. Today it is grey and drizzly. The grass and weeds are happy.
Birds are eating about 20% of the food in the feeder each day. So far, I have not seen any evidence of squirrels using them - and we have lots of squirrels in our neighborhood. Lots of cottontails, too.
The indoor mint cuttings didn't fare so well, and I am down to only one now. Some of the basils also culled. Still, the rosemary looks good, and at least 3 of the basils are doing well.

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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Journal Entry 2012-11-13

Gardening in Middle Tennessee.

First Hard Frost 2012

28*F this morning
The autumn leaves have been lovely this week, but the winds have been kicking up and blowing the leaves off of the branches. Of course, the wind is nothing like NV. Loving this weather. Been flirting with frost for a week, and finally got our [first] hard frost today.
Already i am dreaming of planting tomatoes! Stop! No! Not yet! Let us see if we can make it to Feb before starting them. And then what will I do with them? Give them away? Sell them? I don't know, but I can't not grow them.

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