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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Ice Storm

I am saddened by the branches that have splintered from our tall trees, and losing hope that the buds on some of our smaller trees will bloom.  For sure when I have a small orchard, I will be out there with blankets and heat and I don't know what to protect my fruit trees.  I know it is the cycle of life and death, and that Spring will still be amazing even though there are some things that will not make it.  And yet, there was a part of me - the photographer in me, no doubt - that marveled at the beauty of it all.  So when the temps made it up to 20*F, I donned insulated coveralls, heavy jacket, double socks, boots, and gloves, and took my camera out to survey the world.  The day was full of gray skies, but that didn't make the day dreary at all.  I walked outside the property, for the most part, not wishing to step on something frozen that might have made it if I had not have crunched it with my boot when it was covered in ice.

For the most part, over exposed by +1.3 to +1.7,  More photos to eventually be posted on my Facebook Page.

Fat, fuzzy buds in January 2015

Now encased in ice.

January vista looking towards the road.
February view from the driveway looking in.
Patterns in the tree branches.
A hungry visitor awaiting its turn at the feeder.
Snowflakes (from my Facebook page)
View of the field and the neighbor's trees.

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