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Friday, May 6, 2011

Journal Entry 2011-05-06

Gardening in the High Desert

I can't find my garden journal!
  • Planted out 4 toms today:
    • Red cherry between beds 2 & 3
    • Super Sweet 100 + yellow pear at end of bed 3
    • Early Girl between half barrels
  • Also planted some plants in my sitting area
    • 1 Shasta Daisy "Alaska" [2012-05-06 Bunnies ate it down to the ground]
    • 2 Chamomiles [2012-05-06 Didn't survive not being watered when I was on travel]
    • 2 Salvia Blue Bedder [2012-05-06 Didn't thrive, but didn't die, either. Bloomed for two months or so.]
  • And more
    • Culinary sage in the garlic area [2012-05-06 It grew well and has come back this year]
    • Taragon in SE corner of bed one [2012-05-06 Doesn't appear to have come back; something kept eating it]
  • Windy like crazy. Sprinkled in the a.m. but not enough to be useful. I manually watered.
  • Elm and maple in the back yard budding [2012-05-06 I think they have both finally died :-( ]
  • Apple trees about done blooming
  • Desert marigold blooming
  • Desert mallow has first leaves
  • Ate small plate of spinach
  • Observed a duck bathing in water tub
  • Ducks moved outside today
  • Strawberries blooming
  • Some type of bok choi has sprouted, as well as some chartreuse lettuce. Very tiny.
  • Sunflowers under row covers sprouting. Primarily north fence near sitting area and w[est] fence near garlic
  • Pulled weeds - made a path from gate. Also semi-weeded main garlic beds
  • Watered and turned compost

How did this entry get here? What are Journal Entries?

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