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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Post Production, Uploading, Printing

Spent six hours preparing files for uploading to the professional lab that I am testing. The prepping consisted mostly of cropping photos to 5x7 and 8x10. A little bit of color correction on a few items, but the photos really are as I shot them. In part because I'm not yet that skilled in Photoshop! The photo lab comes highly recommended, so I am hoping the photos will turn out well. I am reprinting some photos that I had printed at Wal-mart for comparison, in addition to the photos that I will be giving to drivers this weekend when I ask them to sign model releases. I am hoping they will want to order prints; but I am also hoping that I will get their model release and then be able to use them in my marketing materials, on my website, and also as part of my portfolio for when I have enough to present to a stock photography house. 

Other activities this week includes getting ready to shoot the races on Saturday - the first time with my new camera and longer lens.  Still learning where all the buttons are and what everything does - but I've found the important stuff - aperture and shutter control, and ISO and white balance. 

My favorite car and driver!

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