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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Day Six - Showing Off Pretty Wing Feathers

Babies are totally used to me reaching down and working around them, picking them up, and such. They aren't happy when I actually lift them out of the brooder - I think being away from the flock, colder air, and no walls is still pretty alarming. That will change as they associate being picked up with going outside into a little mini-chickie low tunnel greenhouse that has a lot more space where they can actually fly.

Still having some trouble keeping the temperature adjusted to the best heat - still getting on the warm side right under the heat lamp.  The hottest area gets over 100*F, and the coolest area gets as cool as about 80*F.  The chicks don't worry much, though - the stock tank is big enough that they can choose if they want to be in a warm spot or a cooler spot.  If they are huddled together, they are too cold, if they stand around with their wings spread and panting, they are too hot.  If they are running around like a pack of kindergartners, then the temps are just right. 

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