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Monday, August 13, 2007

Journal Entry 2007-08-13

Gardening in the High Desert
  • Veg Bed #1
    • Green toms - only 2, I think
    • MG [Morning Glory] has 2nd real leaf
    • Other 2 vining things reaching for the sun - about 2" tall
  • Veg Bed #2
    • Alaskan Fancy - 10+ green tomes, some have turned that pre-ripening light white green
    • Tom that I thought was a yellow pear has decidedly round fruit forming
    • Stunted sun flower blooming under Marigold and Cosmos
    • Buds ready to open on Marigold
    • Many tiny wax beans
    • 2 Cukes growing strong
  • Veg Bed #3
    • Black eye peas - more nearing harvest; only a few blooms now
    • 2 two little yellow squash and 1 zuke ripening
    • 2 sunflowers blooming - took pictures - they are about 3 ft tall with 4 inch blooms - need to find out how long it took from seeding to flower. [later, undated note] 2 months from seed to bloom
    • 10+ green toms of various kinds
    • Lemon basil ready to shear back again
    • Regular basil ready for another harvest
    • Flower basils are pretty much done [2013-08-11] I usually plant some basils in strategic places around the garden and let them bloom - they attract enormous amounts of pollinators - and in the desert, we need to bring in as many as we can find
  • watered orchard & veg beds
  • Took lots of photos - some at night
  • Apple Tree Thoughts for Fall Planting
    • Grand Gala (pol. grand gala, granny smith)
    • Sept Wonder Fuji (pol. grand gala, granny smith)
    • Red Fuji (pol gran gala, granny smith)
  • That's about $70 for 3 trees
  • Sunflower saving strategy - cover ripening heads with paper bags sprayed with deer-off

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