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Farm Products for Sale

Last Updated 2021-03-01
2021 SOLD OUT - Red Star Female Chicks - All female order to arrive mid-March.  I will hold day-olds for a day or two if you would like some of the extras.  $7 each includes Merak's, Cocidiosis and Pulloram Cert.  I may have from 5-10 available

As of February 2021, chicks are already selling out at the hatcheries. I will likely do one hatch of "barnyard mutts" and one order of day-olds.  Please email me at for more information.

What cuter thing than baby chicks? We are, after all, The Little Biddy Hen House!  But not everyone has the equipment, time, or desire to raise chicks from day olds to when they are ready to make their way in the world, whether that world is a coop and run or free ranging.  I will custom order your chicks (based on availability) from Murray McMurray's hatchery and hand raise them for you.  
  • Fully organic feed
  • Hand raised with personal attention
  • 48 hour (non-predator) guarantee (purchase price, only)
  • All chicks go home with a bag of food to help transition them to your food
  • You can visit and play with your chicks on the weekends by appointment
  • Texts pictures and videos several times each week
  • Several ages
    • To out of brooder (needing no supplemental heat)
      • in the summer that is 3 - 4 weeks old
      • in the winter that is 4-6 weeks old
    • 6 week old - $8
    • 8 weeks old - $12
  • Price based on age and breed
  • Discount for 5 or more. Discount for veterans and first responders.
Please email me for more information.

2018 Sold- Cuckoo Marans Female Chicks - All female order to arrive late-April.  I will not be raising any up by my own this year; however, I will hold day-olds for a day or two if you would like some of my extras.  $6 ea includes Merek's and Pullorum Cert.  I will have a total of about 15-17 available.

2018 Sold- Welsummer RoostersBorn early March 2017.  Part of a straight run order from McMurray last spring.  Leave a message at 423-521-1810 (voicemail will text me). Homestead pickup in Murfreesboro only.  Not for meat.

Two of the teenage Welsummer boys.  Hand raised. 
2017 SOLD Black Walnuts
Husked and cleaned, but not shelled. Takes about 30 nuts to make one cup of meats. Have been cold stratified so should also be viable for planting.  $8 per dozen + shipping.

2017 SOLD - Weeping Willow Cuttings
My weeping willows are now slightly over two years old.  I will have a limited number of 12" willow cuttings at the beginning of September.  Check back in the Spring of 2018 - I will be taking more cuttings ang also cuttings from my Hybrid Poplars and possibly from the Variegated Willow Bushes.

2017 ORDERING CLOSED Taking orders for February 2017 for pickup/delivery in mid-late March (they should start laying in July)  I will not be raising hens to laying age for sale this year. 

2016 Summer Hatch - SOLD
FOUR WEEK OLD PULLETS (Girls) Available 8/1/2016
I always order extra for just in case.  Currently have assortment of 4 week old (as of 8/6) girls. Raised on conventional feed.  $10 each; discount for 5 or more. Discount for veterans and first responders.
3 Week Old Columbian Wyandotte (left) & Brown Leghorn (right)

3 Week Old Cuckoo Marans & Brown Leghorn

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