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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Journal Entry 2008-05-06

Gardening in the High Desert
  • Watered beds, sunflowers, weeds
  • Looks like volunteer oregano germinating in bed #1
  • Took some photos of strawberry blooms
  • Sunflowers planted kind of close, but since it's only one row, hope still will be OK. Need to plant more, more, more. Some for the backyard, too.
  • Is the last hard frost gone yet? Can I try toms outside? Time for another sacrificial tom? Time to plant some purple "cool soil" beans?

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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Journal Entry 2008-04-06

Gardening in the High Desert Planting
  • 10 Sun Seed dwarf sunflowers (Territorial packed for 2006), 4 - 5 ft tall, 12-15" heads
  • 60 tall sugar snap [peas] around the most easterly "dead tree"
  • Mammoth sunflowers planted 4/5/08
  • Sun Seed sunflowers planted 4/6/08
Should have started some of each kind of sunflower yesterday to compare germ [germination] times. Oh well, maybe I will plant more out today. I could turn those into a formal sunflower trial, but really, all I want to do is kinda see if early April is OK for starting them. If I sow the long season ones (i.e. Mammoth at 80 days) throughout April and May an the beginning of June, I should have some in bloom from the middle of July to September. Of course, pushing it for the ones to ripen at the end of the season - just like pushing to plant at the beginning of the season, well before "Last Frost." 

Sweet potatoes barely holding on Can they survive my neglect and abuse for another month and a half? Going to find them a nice sunny place this year so they can run wild. I'm amazed that they had any tubers at all last year Maybe this year they'll have eating sized ones. Anyway, they are green and lush out i the grade so even as an ornamental, they are worth it. I can't believe I still have descendants from a sweet potato from our first Thanks Giving. Makes them a little more special. History, small miracles, and good food - major parts of what makes gardening so important to me.
Need to plant more
  • Peppers
  • Toms
  • Basils
  • Other herbs
  • DONE - Sunflowers (outside)
  • DONE - Peas
  • DONE - Wildflower mix
  • Planted peas along the watering line, but am now wondering if I should have planted them closer to the tree trunk.
  • Had some left over wild flower seed from I don't remember when or where. Planted on the west, in front of the ring of daffodils around the most westerly dead tree.
  • Sunflowers in the most NE corner. Will plant more of the short kind along the eastern fence so they won't shade the area for corn too much. Tall ones along the back. Do I really think I can get 100 to grao and bloom? Of course, at this time of year, all things are possible.
  • DH says to grow some hot peppers. Maybe I'll get some seed at Walmart
  • Between the wind, the general desiccation, and the fast draining sand, it's a wonder anything germinates here
  • Watered and fed backyard trees
  • I should plant a bunch of marigolds, although something ravenously devoured the flower petals, it did grow well and bloomed ok. And whatever ate its petals did not eat other things int he garden.
  • Watered wildflower bed and sunflower areas again in the afternoon
  • Watered trees in the front years
  • The wind is howling outside, but here in the house, it is quiet. The boys [Dear Husband and Dear Son] are napping, the dogs are outside. Baby plants sit in the warm sun in the southern window. The world is at peace.

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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Journal Entry 2008-04-02

Gardening in the High Desert


  • Watered weeds, veg beds and garlic
  • Some weeds starting to bloom - a delicate lavender one, and one with white flowers. Also tumbleweed now germ along with a new weed that I haven't seen before.
  • First daffs in garden blooming - pale cream yellow
  • Weeded all beds
  • Irises growing like crazy
  • Large rabbit tracks in the garden
  • Time to feed and water trees - they are starting to break dormancy
  • I am thinking of buying some onions and some garlic at the store to grow - just to see what happens
  • Forgot to water my oregano transplant. Well, I guess we'll see just how tough it really is.
  • Got to sleep good, go to work early, go home early and then take lots of photos of the garden tomorrow
  • More peas are up

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