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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Journal Entry 2008-04-02

Gardening in the High Desert


  • Watered weeds, veg beds and garlic
  • Some weeds starting to bloom - a delicate lavender one, and one with white flowers. Also tumbleweed now germ along with a new weed that I haven't seen before.
  • First daffs in garden blooming - pale cream yellow
  • Weeded all beds
  • Irises growing like crazy
  • Large rabbit tracks in the garden
  • Time to feed and water trees - they are starting to break dormancy
  • I am thinking of buying some onions and some garlic at the store to grow - just to see what happens
  • Forgot to water my oregano transplant. Well, I guess we'll see just how tough it really is.
  • Got to sleep good, go to work early, go home early and then take lots of photos of the garden tomorrow
  • More peas are up

How did this entry get here? What are Journal Entries?

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