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Homesteading References

Greetings ~

Instead of cluttering up the main site with a long list of links, I'm going to put them here.

Agricultural Extension Publications
  • Crown Bees - A wealth of information on solitary bees, along with bees & supplies to purchase
Burning Permits
Gardening (Seed Suppliers has their own category)



Internet Resources

Plants - How to Grow
Plant Sources

Processing Livestock
  • Chicken Processing - He isn't practiced in the actual dispatch, but this is one of the better videos I've seen showing what the process is and what the equipment is.  As with any skill, I believe the person
  • Joel Salatin Chicken Processing - A professional setup and dispatch
  • Set Up Walk Through - No actual dispatch, but nice list of things that he uses
Seed Suppliers
  • The Seed Guy  - Starter kits, heirloom kits, or buy individual packets.  Support your small farmer.
  • Search Engine "Pick A Carrot" - that searches seed catalogs to find out who has what you want
  • Kitazawa Asian Seeds - mostly Japanese oriented, but also has Korean and Chinese vegetables listed
  • Baker Creek - All open pollinated - one of my faves!
  • Johnny's Select - Another favorite - open pollinated with some hybrids; in quantities for the gardener, small farmer, and broad-acre farmer 
  • Sunflower Selections - I have not tried seeds from them; however, they have the largest selection of sunflowers that I have seen from any one seed company.
  • Seedaholic - I have not tried seeds from them; however, their plant information for the seeds that they sell are excellent; better than some of my favorite seed companies.
  • Soil Survey - Find your location and see what kinds of soils are in your area
Trees & Orcharding

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