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Please note that the intended audience is local to Tennessee, USA, and the greater United States of America. If you are viewing from outside of those areas, especially if you are from the EU, please be advised that this site may not comply with EU laws.

Photography Services & Products

As a photographer, I am always open to new and interesting photographic experiences, so just because you don't see what you are looking for here, please don't let that stop you from inquiring!

Military Family

I am a military spouse and have a soft spot for military families. Although I don't have any portrait experience yet, I am saving up for the equipment to be able to take family portraits. Contact me and let me know how I can capture the love of country and the love of family for you.

I have a passion for all things agricultural - from the large farms that feed our nation to the urban farm that feed their neighbors, to the homesteader who puts food by for their family. Let me and my camera spend a few hours or even a whole day at your farm, farmstead or homestead. Contact me and let me know how I can bring out the beauty of your piece of land.

Garden/Backyard Wildlife

I am an avid gardener and love everything from compost and worms to cemetery roses. Let me and my camera photograph your garden in the golden morning or evening hours when the light will bring out the luster of both flowers and foliage. Contact me and let me know how I can bring the beauty of your garden to print.

Dirt Track Racing

The rumble of the cars, the smell of race fuel, the mud-splattered colors of the cars - what's not to love! On track, off track, vehicle, driver, or vehicle and driver portraits - I'll love to put some of that dirt on your wall. I've been hanging around the pits for years. Contact me and let me know how I can put the roar of the engines on your or your sponsor's wall.

DISCLAIMER: My husband races hobby stocks, and while he is mostly disinterested in my photography, and I will make a concerted effort to both not publish "engine & exhaust" type photos on my websites nor allow him to see such, the risk remains that he might accidentally see your setup. If you are competing against him, I will understand if you don't want me to take those kinds of pictures!

Commercial Photography

Do you have a hand crafted product that you sell on Etsy or Ebay that you would like photographed? Maybe you own a delightful diner between Nashville and the Georgia or Kentucky Line - I'd love to shoot photos for your next menu. Or maybe you need 500 basic black and white photos for a catalog. Contact me and let me know how I can help you grow your business while expanding my commercial portfolio.  

Things I'd love to try

  • Ante Bellum home photography - without flash
  • Food photography - food was one of the main reasons I have returned to The South to stay!
  • Old Cemeteries, pretty much old anything
  • Night time photography
What do you mean by "Photographic Rights"?

Generally speaking, like a painter, author or other artist, the photographer owns the commercial and non-commercial rights to the photographs that they take. Please mention if you would like to use some of the photographs for personal or commercial use. In many cases the fees may be nominal.

What is included in a sitting?

A "sitting" is sometimes referred to as a "session." For portrait photography, you normally go to the photographer's studio and spend a certain amount of time with the photographer having your picture taken. Depending on the photographer's technology, you might view and order your selection of prints right there. There is usually a short contract involved that mostly says that the photographer will retain the rights to the photographs, will have the photos delivered to you, and that you won't use the photos commercially. Because my studio is outdoors, and probably at your place or a race track, there are a few more items to consider - but don't let that scare you away - I'll go over everything in detail with you before I visit, and again when I arrive. Here's a list of some of the things we will be discussing
  • Sitting
    • Where do you shoot?Middle Tennessee: from the Kentucky line North of Nashville to the Georgia line and Chattanooga.
    • How long is the sitting? Studio sessions are often only an hour or two. I could spend all day. How long I stay will depend on many factors, such as whether you need to accompany me while I work, if humans and/or animals are the primary subjects of the photographs, what the weather is like (this is Tennessee, so I will assume it will rain at any moment), if I'm shooting around your property, how large or small your land is, and how many photos you are expecting (I'll be shooting more than you requested to make sure you get the ones you are hoping for).
    • What time will I show up? Studios usually are stocked with all types of lights and stands and stuff - and while I may pack some lighting with me, mostly we are dependent on the Big Light In The Sky during outdoor shoots - and the best light for shooting in is the early morning and early evening hours - you know, when the sunlight has that warm glow to it. But that's not to say that beautiful (or rough and tumble) photos can't be made at high noon! So we will pick a time that works for both of us.
    • What day of the week? I am a business/systems analyst/project manager by trade, and, alas, a photographer only by passion; therefore, most sittings will need to be on the weekends.
  • Photographs
    • How many? I've been known to shoot over 1500 photos at a day at the race track - and over a hundred sitting in my yard for a few hours while trying to catch the perfect shot of the squirrels raiding my bird feeder. After all the experimenting with camera settings and shooting angles and changing sunlight, however, the actual number of really good photos will be smaller. As I continue with my studies, however, my technique is getting better - increasing the number of photos I get right on the first try. And, of course, moving objects tend to have a higher number of discards before finding the right one. Thank goodness I am no longer shooting film!
Can I buy additional prints?
Of course you can! Photographs are printed on premium paper by a professional lab, such as where a wedding photo might be printed. As such, they are more expensive than a "one hour lab" at your local pharmacy - but they are also correspondingly higher in quality. Still, I am not a wedding photographer and I am not charging you a few thousand dollars to shoot your once-in-a-lifetime wedding - so I think you will find my printing prices reasonable. Some options are
  • A "School Package" of your family or car (cars are people, too!) - like the ones you got in kindergarten
  • 4x6, 5x7, 8x10, 11x16, and sometimes larger, depending on the photograph

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