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Saturday, April 23, 2016

Chickie and Hoop Tunnel Updates

Still too cold for the baby chickies to be outside all day, but I fashioned a makeshift mobile hoop house for them so that they can enjoy some sunshine and fresh greens.  They still get a little freaked out about being moved in and out, but they do enjoy being out when they can.  The plastic diffuses the light, provides wind protection, and also produces a greenhouse effect so that it is in the mid-80*F inside.    I face the opening away from the wind. 

Peas, lettuce and some red onions are doing quite well in the low tunnel.  Probably could have started the lettuce earlier, but I'm still pretty excited about it.  And the first pea flowers are opening.

This photo is from a little earlier in the month.

Garlic in the foreground.  Taken the cover off of one of the hoop tunnels.
View of the neighbor's trees seems closer in this photo, but they are really probably 75 feet or so away.  You can see the framework for the fencing that the guys are putting in.

They are bright pink-ish purple when young, and fade to a more blue-lavender color.