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Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Journal Entries & Combining Blogs

I've been keeping a hand-written journal of my gardening and homesteading activities for over 10 years. I had started a separate blog to post those thousands and thousands of entries; however, managing more than one blog, playing with chickens and working at a full-time corporate job just wasn't cutting it. So, now I'm in the progress of moving these journal entries to The Little Biddy Henhouse. Most of them won't be nearly as elaborate as an actual blogpost, and probably there won't be many photos to accompany them; however, if you want a peek into what gardening was like in the Nevada High Desert and how it is here in Middle Tennessee, they might do that. In addition, as I move the entries, I've had some time to reflect and/or comment on those thoughts from years past.  Have a wonderful Holiday Season. Looking forward to the Winter Solstice when the days begin lengthening.