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Friday, December 23, 2016

Journal Entry 2016-12-23

Gardening in Middle Tennessee

I left my December book at work, so here I am with the January book.  Got a  break from the 20° F weather.  Nice 60° F day to day.  Rain is predicted for tomorrow.

  • Went to get mulch but they were closed.  Hopefully they are opened on Monday.
  • Began pulling crab grass - endless  chore.
  • Set out two sets of mulch four pathways -needs to be thicker, but it’s a start.
  • Much of the mulch from last year is showing signs of decomposition.  Good thing I have an unlimited source of free stuff.
  • Chickens enjoying being out and about.  Nice day.  Hope they became rewarding be with lots of eggs soon!  People at work are waiting.
  • $47.00 for 3 bales pine shavings and two bags of food.
  • Need fencing for the garden for next year - chickens and then the addition of new puppies.  Yes, new puppies, German Shepherd brothers.  Been a long time since we had puppies.  Scout came to us as a nearly one year old.
  • Finally got are bound to buying some permanent tags for my trees.  Just in time, too.  Some of them have already lost their original tags.  I have a map, so I’m pretty sure which one is which.  Copper tags that you write on with an old ball point pen.  Probably need more.  
  • Can’t find my plant labels.  Still unpacking things from Nevada.
  • I’ve got some inadvertent compost tea.  Need to aerate it and have it go aerobic.  Probably be good for all my trees.
  • Happy to have gotten to enjoy this a lovely day, even if I spent most of it sleeping.  To go outside and not be bundled up was a pleasure.
  • Still struggling with waiting to plant seeds in January and February.  Could it be a lifelong problem. I’ve be an writing about this affliction for over a decade and hasn’t seemed to have gotten any better.
  • Put all my tree inventories in two Evernote.  Slowly getting my act together.  Another lifelong endeavor.

Lessons learned

  • Making bean packets for each tree was awesome.
  • Not keeping them weeded meant we didn’t eat a single bean.
  • Will I really be able to retire at 65?  Will we really have the house paid off by then?

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