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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Autumn Fancy

An eclectic bit of this and that from the late summer garden...

Not sure why this little dew dusted critter was wandering around the basil.  All of its cohorts were munching on passion fruit leaves.  I moved it over, and he/she began munching.

This is the passion flower vine this type of caterpillar (cats) usually haunts.  Your run of the mill passiflora.  Runs wild here, but the cats keep it under control.  Hoping to harvest some seed when the fruits ripen.

Fresh bean harvest for a summer soup.  Italian Rose (red & white), various cow peas, and some white beans of unknown origin... because I am not so good at the record keeping thing.  Fresh beans in soup - totally different experience than dried beans.  So smooth and full of flavor.  Too bad the Italian Rose lose their speckles and turn to a pale pinkish tan color when cooked.  But still, jummy (short for "just yummy")!  I will certainly be growing more of those next year, and isolating them so I can save my own seed.

Italian Rose bean pods, Pink Eye Purple Hulled cow peas, and likely Hssiao yellow cherry tomatoes and Mini Bell yellow bell peppers.  Looks like a sunflower petal, also.  Something ate the petals on on of my sunflowers, so I harvested the rest of the petals from that one, and dried them to use in tea this winter.

More jummy stuff from the morning harvest in late August.  Roma VF toms from seeds that I've been saving (hoarding) for more than 5 years.