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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Journal Entry 2012-09-15

Gardening in Middle Tennessee

Made a good haul from the Farmer's Market this morning. One farmer noted that this was an awesome year for tomatoes.
  • Carrots - 1 doz at $5 - the most expensive thing, but they are divine. Full sized but as sweet and crisp as baby fingerlings.
  • Tomatoes - $1/pound - juicy, luscious, perfectly ripe, you can smell them
  • 5 hot peppers - Tabasco style - boxes for canning were $14 - I just wanted 5. the farmer tried to just give them to me - I forced them to take 75cents
  • 2 fat sweet potatoes for baking
  • One green and one red bell pepper - hardly any ripe ones today - nearly all green. Maybe I didn't get to market early enough
  • Bag of peaches - looked way better than the last batch. I may eat some fresh.
  • Bag of spinach and one of red lettuce; one cuke. Salad for lunch on Sunday!

How did this entry get here? What are Journal Entries?

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