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Friday, December 7, 2012

Journal Entry 2012-12-07

Gardening in Middle Tennessee
Treasures lost and found. Many things of sentimental and monetary value wer sold half or lost or just tossed along the way as we migrated to what we hope is the Promised Land.  Sometimes I mourned them.  But still, they are only "things."  The important things, for the most part, however, made the treck.  And one of my most prize -my seed collection.  I wonder, did pioneer women long ago clutched tightly to their packets of seeds, training and praying for land to plant them in?  A small handful of bean seeds more precious than gold.  So here is a list of my treasures, hauled 2200 miles from the high desert mountains of rural Nevada.
[Note 2018-12-12: The list is extensive.  Perhaps someday I will transcribe them here, but it contains several hundred entries.]

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