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Monday, August 14, 2006

Journal Entry 2006-08-14

Gardening in the High Desert
  • Some of the hybrid popular [trees] are 3 feet tall. so hard to start holding back on water, but if I want to see them next year, I better! [2013-08-11 I presume this is so they will harden off for the winter]
  • Mulched the ones along the south fence, but still need to mulch the ones against the west (2006-09-03) [Presume that the date in parenthesis refers to when I mulched the ones against the west fence]
  • Need to keep pinching flower buds back on the basil.  They looked so naked after I harvested my little bit, but I hear they will grow back with a vengeance.
  • [Check marked] Buy bleach, rubber gloves
  • MDH flattened out and graded where the chicken house will be, and also the area he wants to put rock in to store his cars
  • I so don't want to work today.  Just want to sit in the mellow sun
  • Mulch tress n. of metal building 9/6/2006
  • Make concrete Garlic signs 9/2/2006 Made a wood one [not concrete]

How did this entry get here? What are Journal Entries?

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