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Thursday, March 2, 2017

2017 Chickie Babies Arrived today

Babies arrived today. Picked them up in the wee hours. They'll stay 4 - 6 weeks or so (depending on the weather) and then they will be off to new homes. Love the baby chickie stage!
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Photo above was taken at the post office to verify that everyone made it from Iowa alive and kicking. They were a bit freaked out by the "sky" suddenly opening up on them.

Day One Tips - paper towels work better than pine shavings on day one. Food is easily distinguished from paper towels, and footing is more sure. Also, pine shavings get kicked into the water, and at this stage, little chickies can't easily get to water if I put the waterer on a plate. These metal waterers have seen several generations of babies. And, being metal, they can be run trough the sanitizing setting on the dishwasher at the beginning of each season (or when they get especially icky or we've got a round of pasty-butt).

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Babies are from McMurray Hatchery.  I have ordered from them 4 times over the last several years and have never been disappointed.

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