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Saturday, March 11, 2017

Day 10 - Some real flying

Some real flying going on these days.  And more eating and more pooping, but so far, no more Pasty Butt.  Reducing temps.  Range is from 80 - 98*F so they can choose their temp.  They tend to sleep in the warmer areas of the stock tank, and run around in the cooler areas.  They tend to run around at the same time, eating, and flittering, and making noise.  Then a few will decide it's nap time.  Someone else will see that there are two snuggling down, and then will run over to join.  Then someone else will come running and run on top of everyone and generally unsettle the whole little flock.  Eventually everyone snuggles up with their friends and takes a nap.

Here, they are clearly not in the nap mode!

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I am cutting grass, dandelion leaves and flowers, lemon balm, oregano, and clover into tiny bits and sprinkling it and chickie grit on top of their food a few times a day now.  Not too much of any one thing (don't want to induce PB!) - just so they get a taste for such things.

Summer babies would already have experienced grass (ok, weeds) by this time - but, eh, tornado warnings and then snow?  Yeah, they'll be staying in their little stock tank world for now...

Spent a lot of time outside early this morning (like at sunrise - had a full day in by 9 am) before the snow flurries.  Here are some scenes from our micro-mini farm life from earlier this month.

Wing clipping - Silver Laced Wyandotte - I didn't clip enough of the flight feather tips - this
girl could still fly.  I had to take another inch off before she stopped going over a 6 ft fence.
From earlier in the year - he used to be able to crawl through the steps
and is confused why he no longer fits.

Have a Happy Chickie Day!

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