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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Another Step Closer - Official Survey

"Pins" found and flagged.
It was a cold, but sunny and beautiful day when the surveyor went out to find the pins and flag the property.  They didn't tramps through the woods to find the "pin" at the back of the property, but the main locations were completed.  Sr. and I slogged through mud, brambles, and thistle, and walked the property line.  Well, most of it.  We didn't tramps through the tree thicket at the back of the property, either.

I had been concerned that "almost 4 acres" would be too small since we had previously had "almost 5 acres;" however, my fears were unfounded - "almost 4 acres" is a large amount of land.  That is over 550 feet on the long side of the property - or more than 180 yards - or, almost the length of two football fields. I can live with that - especially for being 10 minutes from a grocery store, and half that to a gas station, and an easy commute to my job.

One of the reasons the property is relatively economic to purchase here is because the bedrock is at or very near the surface in many (most?) areas.  This leads to poor drainage, some boggy (mosquito-y?) areas towards the back of the woods, and challenging traditional gardening environments.  My, er, our, little 29 HP Case New Holland tractor is going to get a workout.  I am seeing some "earthworks" in my future.  Haven't run the tractor in a few years - going to be fun re-learning how to use the bucket loader!

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