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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Trees, Lovely Trees!

 (Click on photos to see larger versions.)
"Forest" Edge in Winter.
The trees have definitely  taken advantage of any pockets of dirt wherever people have not worked to keep the wooded at bay.  Less than 20 years, and the young, wannabe forest would happily take over the whole property, if given half a chance.  Going to be using everything I have studied and researched over the last 30 years to manage the woods and extend it.  Right now, the woods take up about 1/2 of the property - but mostly brambles and young trees growing too close together.  Some judicious culling, and some of the smaller trees should get their chance to race to the sun.

Lots of thickets - I wonder just how much poison ivy there is in there.
Yes, there, I said it: Poison Ivy.  I'm sure it is rampant.  Going to be fun attacking all that brushy stuff.  On a brighter note, some of those leaves on the ground are oak leaves. There is at least one black walnut on the property, too. I wonder if deer browse our thickets?  Maybe we don't want to clear too much of it.  And, I am sure hoards of squirrels will descend from the trees to feast upon my gardens - already laying out my battle plans!  I am very excited to have an abundance of wildlife on our property - just not in the gardens!

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