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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Beginnings of a Tree Planting Plan

The initial set of trees.
Planning.  Did I mention that Planning is a favorite hobby of mine?  This plan will probably change 3, 4, 5, 20 times before we actually planting anything; however, it makes for good entertainment on a cold, Winter's night.

Purpose of these plantings will be to 1) screen the neighbors so we can pretend we are in the middle of nowhere, 2) provide future firewood for when we put in a fireplace in the next few years, 3) drain the boggy soggy area in the lower left area, 4) provide some pretty spring flowers along the driveway.  What is not pictured here are the location of the 6 or so fruit trees that I will plant during the fall of 2015.  And ditto for the blueberry and raspberries that will go in, also.  I will be busy enough with observations and filling out an overall plan for this property that I won't be ready to start my "food forest" until fall.  That's a better tree planting time, anyway, for things that I will actually put some care into. 

  • Large Olive Circle: The Weeping Willow that my husband has been wanting for at least 15 years
  • Small Olive Circle: Some kind of fast growing conifer - a thuja or some kind of cypress
  • Small Bright Green Circle: Hybrid Poplar (probably only keep 5 years and then cut)
  • Small Pink Circle: Flowering ornamental to parallel future driveway
  • Yellow Dashed Lines: Double wide future driveway
  • Green Dashed Lines: Some upright hybrid willows to suck up some of the water in the soggy areas.
  • Orange Dashed Lines: Property lines, easements, and setbacks

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