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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Honey Locust Nightmare in the Making?

In addition to fighting Poison Ivy, I have discovered Honey Locust.
Those thorns are as long as my index finger.

Apparently I am going to learn how to eradicate Honey Locust from the little woods.  They are a nitrogen fixing "pioneer" species of tree that works hard at protecting and feeding other (not thorny) young trees as it helps to turn grasslands back into forests.   The Internet (and more specifically, Google), is not giving me much encouragement that I can win this war - even if I resort to toxic chemicals and fire.  What are we getting ourselves into?  I am really hoping that the two giant canopy trees that we have seen are not - honey locust!  (Named after the locust because they are a plague?) 

Possible Battle Tactics
I read from here that one might be able to use a blow torch to burn the thorns and then harvest the tree.  Make sure to rake up debris to get dropped thorns and then burn.  According to the thread, the trees themselves appear to make good firewood.

Suggestion here is that, if you are desperate and resort to chemicals, to put a dye in it, so you know you hit your target.  Chemicals to apply to the cut stump to prevent suckering can be found here and here

More labor intensive, but less chemically toxic method here.

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